Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Not Forgotten...!

YOU, that is! It is You that is not forgotten and what kind of convoluted introduction is that!

As for me, some might say I am in a forgotten part of the world, but it isn't true. The myth of Galicia - its weather anyway - is just that: a myth. Today was glorious and to be honest that has been the way it has been since I moved here just over a month ago.

I've had no internet. Or telephone lines.Now I have two - telephone lines that is, but you don't want to know.

Anyway, A Casa do Raposito (The Little Fox House) is finally ready to receive pilgrim visitors and over the next few weeks I hope to tell you about not just the local history and mystery as I have been doing, but also this area and what magic brought me here.

This refuge is now - officially blessed only this morning by my first pilgrim who knows what she is doing - a pilgrim "sanctuary". I use the word guardedly: it is a retreat, a "half way house", a place for pilgrims who have already gained their Compostela to pass three to five days thinking about what they have achieved in their pilgrimage in peace and comfort and silence and friendship and an extraordinary natural beauty everywhere around. It is also \a place to give back: the church across the road, for instance, desperately needs its garden restored as there is talk of paving it over! The Little Fox House is most specifically non-religious and any, all, or no faiths are present here. But one thing I can guarantee is a sense of "warmth": even the name of the village: Carantona (that is Carantonya but this computer lacks an enye), means "a caress"!

I have only really had internet since last Friday so won't try to recoup everything here. I am going to try to upload a photo or two. Believe me, this is a special place... It called me, and I came and left much behind from a lifestyle many of us now are rejecting. Now it waits for you...

P.S. The House of the Little Fox is my private (and only) home: it is most specifically not an albergue. All is totally donativo and your donations will go towards securing it as a place of peace for pilgrims in years to come, as I shall be applying for a mortgage within three years.
I am a bloody good cook too!
More wine, anyone???

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  1. Good grief, Tracy, I had no idea ...! What a brave step, but I am disappointed that now you won't just be able to "pop in" every year or so on your way to somewhere or other! Still, have always wanted to see Galicia, and Malaga is beginning to pall for both of us ... would sell up and move off to France or somewhere, but "sell" is not a word we use with houses at the moment ... anyway, I wish you the very best of good luck with your new venture - if anyone can make a go of it, it's you!

    p.s. we sang at your friend Susan's memorial Service last week - what a very sad thing to happen ...