Thursday, 7 January 2010

Part Five...

The cathedral is rebuilt but even though Al Mansur has died, there are other threats, notably the Vikings and the Normans who make frequent raids on the coast. The Torres del Oeste are built in order to combat the threat of invasion along the Ulla River. Sancho the Great of Navarra adds Leon and Castilla to his kingdoms driving King Bermudo of Leon into Galicia.

On Sancho’s death in 1035, the kingdoms are divided amongst his sons. Bermudo makes an attempt to win back his kingdom from Fernando, the most ambitious but is unsuccessful.

A rebellion in Galicia breaks out, perhaps in support of the dethroned Bermudo, but it has few lasting consequences.

Fernando, like his father before him, arranges for the kingdom to be divided up upon his death. Alfonso VI, not satisfied with Leon overthrows both the weak Garcia of Galicia and Sancho of Castilla whom he imprisoned.

And in Compostela, Diego Pelaez, Bishop, meets in secret with the Galician nobility. What can they be plotting?

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