Monday, 11 January 2010

Bishop Elect...

It is hardly surprising that Diego Gelmirez rose to the position of Bishop of Santiago de Compostela. In 1096, he began his second administration of the honor and continued in this post until 1100 at which point an embassy was sent to Rome to try to reach a conclusion as to whom would fill the vacancy of bishop. They found that Urban II had died and a new pope, Paschal II, also of the Order of Cluny, had been elected in his place.

Paschal ruled promptly that Diego Pelaez had been justly deprived of the bishopric and ordered a new election to be held. Diego Gelmirez had long since signed himself as "vicarius" of St. James. Things were about to fall in his lap.

Diego went to Rome, ostensibly on pilgrimage. Going to Rome was something Diego did only twice in his life. Passing through Aragon was not something he cared to do. This time, by luck or design, he met Guy, Archbishop of Vienne who just happened to be the brother of Diego's patron, Raimundo of Burgundy.

Guy was a powerful force in the Curia (he was later to become Pope Calixitus II). It's hard to imagine that Diego would not have asked Guy to intercede with Paschal II on his behalf.

Whatever occurred, the Pope seemed impressed with Diego and ordaining him as sub-deacon sent him back to Galicia with a letter to the canons proclaiming that His Holiness considered Diego a worthy candidate for Holy Orders.

According to the Historia Compostela, Diego Gelmirez was elected "unwillingly" to the position of Bishop of Santiago de Compostela in July 1100.

"Alas, why would you heap these cares on me?
I am unfit for state and majesty;
I do beseech you, take it not amiss;
I cannot nor I will not yield to you."

Diego Gelmirez?

Richard the III…

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