Sunday, 3 July 2011

Being and Paradox: A New Look at Anthropocentrism

Just published on Kindle and Smashwords and looking for a mainstream publisher too, here is my latest book. Being and Paradox is at, first glance, a long way away from Pilgrimage to Heresy and St. James' Rooster, but I do believe that readers of my novels will find something with which they can nod their heads in agreement in this book about environmental issues. I have claimed that the difficulty in solving environmental dilemmas is because we have created a paradox in which we forget we are not apart from but a part of nature. Here I look at Buddhist environmentalism, the Greek philosophers - in particular Heraclitus -, particle physics, existential philosophy, Martin Heidegger especially, and finally the conservationist Aldo Leopold to show that we owe a duty to care for nature in the same way as we would care for ourselves, and in fact if we neglect that duty we lose the right to consider ourselves specifically Human nature.
I am currently discussing things Celtic on this blog and so will not elucidate any further here on Being and Paradox, not yet anyway. I encourage you to order it from Amazon (you can get Kindle for PC for free if you don't have a reading device) and consider carefully what part you can play in what has to be an inevitable paradigm shift in understanding towards this fragile planet of ours.
Back to the Celts next week, so don't go away...

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  1. Hi Tracy,
    Fascinating subject!
    Does this down-to-earth approach appeal to you?
    Ages ago at Agricultural College it was my dream to be a livestock farmer...