Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Music for Japan ...

No time for a blog post this week. I am pulling all nighters trying to get St. James' Rooster finished by Easter. Phew! I wish these 12th century folks would hurry it along a bit.

Anyway, there are more important things going on in the world than my little rants and obsessions. Here is one of them I hope you will investigate.

I heard their very sweet plea on Spotify and Googled them immediately. The video is very low key and their sincerity will break your heart. Here is also the Facebook page. If you have any contact with a musical group or venue or any way to help them promote or raise funds, I urge you: do please get involved. What they say is true: now that the shocking images have receded along with the tide of destruction we are perhaps more worried about how it will all affect us. But there are still 17,000 dead or unaccounted for, many children orphaned, livelihoods lost, a nation in mourning, an economy in ruins and an environmental catastrophe about to taint their land for centuries to come if a solution is not found soon to the leaking reactor.

Anyway, enough from me. Here are some links.



Please send them to your Facebook friends and everyone in your mailing list (undisclosed recipients). Let's show them we care...

Back soon.

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