Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Win a signed copy of Pilgrimage to Heresy or Peregrinos de la Herejía!

Last week I was told that sales of Pilgrimage to Heresy were "getting up into the bestseller range". In terms of numbers, I am still not sure what this means. But when the English publication of Pilgrimage to Heresy (this time with a mainstream publisher) goes through, copies of the iUniverse edition may become collectors items!
Wanna win your own signed copy?
This is all you have to do:
Identify the location in Santiago de Compostela where you might find the attached picture.
Send your name and a postal address to:
The first three correct entries will receive a copy of their choice.
Be sure to specify English or the Spanish version Peregrinos de la Herejía.

Good Luck!

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