Thursday, 20 August 2009

Homeward Bound... Part Three

My trip back was not without incident. Simone Volvo was determined to show her age but even in Pontevedra I met someone prepared to keep his garage open well past 8 o’clock at night on a Saturday. As a result, I did not get to Fernanda’s as I had intended to but got hopelessly lost near Ponte de Lima as they were in Feria and had detoured traffic. No matter I am not a stranger to sleeping in my car and the next morning woke up to a beautiful river site. It also gave me chance to explore what was certainly a pre-Romanesque church and even to sing in it! I was at Fernanda’s by early lunchtime - not that she would let me participate in the preparation of such. She said to me “We were wondering when Tracy would arrive” I felt like the Prodigal Son!

I only stayed one night, though prevailed upon to stay more I was afforded “my room”: one with a double bed normally given over to couples who have walked far. This is a Camino philosophy in me the hopeless romantic can’t ignore. The next morning, Jacinto, her husband on his way to his office with Mariana their dancer daughter, (Fernanda had already left for work at the Post Office), told me where to leave the key.

These people leave me in awe!

And a little aside, I had told Fernanda that the repairs in Pontevedra had left me short of money until I could get to my bank in Spain. By my bedside when I awoke was a 50 euro note.

How do you go about approaching the Vatican with petitions of Sainthood? Seriously!

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